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Cleaning a rifle.

April 5, 2013

When you get done in the field using your rifle, you need to clean it. At JFTS (Joint Field Training Exercise), when we were finished on the last day, we all sat around and cleaned out our m16’s and m4’s. While cleaning the rifles, every little thing is inspected, so you’d better do a good job or else you will be out there for quite a while. There is a specific part that gives everyone hell during the cleaning process. This little pain in the ass is called the “star chamber”. The star chamber often collects much of the gun shot residue from the gun powder when fired. This piece is difficult to clean because is it such a small compartment and it has many little grooves that need to be cleaned out. I usually take a pipe-cleaner, bend it in half, twist it so that it has a less flexible bend, then create a fish-hook kind of shape with it. With this “hook rod”, I call it, you can easily clean out the star chamber because it allows you to reach up under the lip of the chamber itself along with the tiny grooves that the bolt rests against.


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