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April 13, 2013

Last weekend, I, along with many other Cadets, felt extreme aggravation. While at JFTX (Joint Field Training Exercise), I was on a patrol lane. In a patrol lane, we go through certain scenarios that require organization and leadership amongst a platoon. We are given certain objectives that we must complete to work towards the mission. While out in the field, it was about 65 degrees out. Without a ruck, rifle, boots, long pants, and long sleeves, it would be quite comfortable. Not only were we getting pretty hot, but there was one thing that aggravated me the most. One thing that really got to me. One thing that wanted to make me crawl out of my skin. Before I tell you what bothered me the most, let me ask you something. What grosses you out the most? Well, the thing that makes my skin crawl the most in this world are ticks. Ticks are the most creepy thing ever. One every now and then isn’t the end of the world, but no, there had to be hundreds… My buddy and I were watching in horror as they were crawling all over us. It was like some bad dream that never ended. Every time we had to lay down to pull security (aim rifle down range while laying down, all creating 360 degrees of protection for the inside circle) We were feeling them crawl inside our ACU’s and boots. I will always remember this day. As we were laying there, I could hear them fall down on top of my helmet. It sounded like rain! Everyone had bites and bumps all over us from this day. The thing that aggravated me the most is that we had to continue training even though we were all covered in ticks. I understand that training is important, but I just wanted to drop everything and run. We all did. Could you blame us?


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