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Priorities. Decisions. Outcomes.

April 19, 2013

Today, I was placed in a certain situation where I had to make a choice. I was running late to a class this morning in which I was supposed to be taking an exam in. I hadn’t studied quite as much as I’d have liked to either. I was approached with two choices. I could, A, go to class on time but be unprepared for the exam or I could, B, study for a little bit and be late to class but be more confident in my knowledge of the material. So, I made my decision. I decided that on timeliness was not as important as a good exam grade. I ended up receiving an A on the test! This was just a prime example of how prioritizing can help you in the long run. By acting on a decision, backed up by logic and importance, you can be very successful. The key to life’s success, in my eyes, is setting your priorities in the correct order. Once you master this, everything else in life is easy.


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